Tool for controlling USB flash devices that confirm to the U3 specifications. This program can control the following features:

WARNING: This Software is still alpha. Since the commands for controlling U3 devices aren't publicly available, we don't excatly know what we are doing. Although the application has been tested on a Sandisk Cruzer micro and a Verbatim Store 'N Go, it is not said that it won't stop other devices from working. The author is not responsible for any damage to your device.

Supported devices

In general all U3 USB flash devices should be supported.

A list of devices that are reported to work with this tool is available in the forum


This program should be usable for day to day use. But beware that it is still under development.


Download the latest release from the Sourceforge project page, and follow the instructions provided in the package.



Removing U3 cd partition, making it a ordanarry UFD, under MS Windows where e:\ is one of the U3 device drives.

u3_tool.exe -p 0 E

Unlock secured data partition under Linux 2.6.20+

# ./u3_tool -u /dev/sg3
Replace /dev/sg3 with the scsi generic device associated with your device. The correct device can be deduced from the dmesg output.

Unlock secured data partition under Linux 2.4 using USB subsystem

# modprobe -r usb-storage
# ./u3_tool -u scan
# modprobe usb-storage